The Teanaway Country 100 will challenge runners of all levels.  The race will begin at 5 AM on September 15, 2018.  Runners will have until 9 PM September 16, 2018 to finish the run.  September in Washington can be a bit of a mixed bag weather wise.  The days could be very warm and the nights quite cool.  There’s even potential for snow in some of the higher elevations.  Runners should be prepared with multiple layers to accommodate the variable weather.


This run takes place in wild and rugged country.  Though unlikely, runners may encounter bears, cougars, and even wolves.  Runners should be prepared for wildlife encounters.


There will be 15 aid stations throughout the course, yet we recommend that runners plan to carry at least 40 ounces of water.  We also recommend that each runner carry enough food to last them for 3-4 hours.  The aid stations are never more than 10 miles apart, but given the rugged terrain, that could still be a few hours in between aid stations.





#1 Mile 5.5 (Forest Road 4315) No Crew


#2 Mile 14.7 (Gallagher Head Lake), No Crew

#12 Mile 88.2


#3 Mile 20.9 (Van Epps Pass) No Crew

#11 Mile 82 No Crew


#4 Mile 29 (Iron Peak) Drop Bag, Crew

#10 mile 74.1 Drop Bag, Crew


#5 Mile 34.3 (Beverly Creek), Crew

#9 Mile 67.8 Crew


#6 Mile 47 (Miller Peak) Drop Bag, Crew

#8 Mile 58.7 Drop Bag, Pacer, Crew


#7 Mile 50 (Teanaway Ridge) No Crew